Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2016


Boom, I just felt like it's time to relaunch this blog.
And yeah, it's a relaunch indeed, you might almost call it a rebirth. 

Why? Here is a quick summary of what happened.
So, its been four month now, since I almost killed myself in a terrible ski accident in Les Arces, France. After falling down some cliffs I ended up with a traumatic brain injury, a punctured lunge, several broken ribs, broken heel, broken collar bone...  Well, the most dangerous thing was my brain and therefore they had to put me in an induced coma to keep me alive. At first they planned to wake me up again soon, but my lunge injury caused some blooding and an infection, so they had to keep me in coma until it gets better. I finally woke up three weeks later, they said it was really lucky, I could have stayed in this coma for a few weeks/ months more...

I didn't ask to much questions about what happened, resuming this now, I guess I was not capable of understanding at that point. During coma a dreamed crazy shit, that I drove home again, partied, got arrested at a party (I guess caused by one of the episodes I had during they had to hold me down in a wake up process that went wrong so I won't rip out all the needles and shit)
So, waking up was super weird.  I didn't know where I was and why I was there. I could not remember a thing from the accident, I thought everything was alright, but I could barely move my hands or legs. I still didn't know what happened on this first day/night when I woke up, I guess I was still pretty high on all the drugs they pumped into my system for three weeks straight, crazy trip I tell you guys.

The first thing that seemed like reality again was, when my beautiful girlfriend Victoria stood besides me at some point and went crazy about me being awake. Everything that happened during that time period is really blurry, but I felt kind of normal and was just happy to see her. The doctors said that they tried to wake me up three times before, but it was always to dangerous and then they told my family it could take muuuch longer. But suddenly I showed vital signs by myself, which they said is pretty rare and they were able to wake me up on Victoria's last day in France before she needed to head back to the US. I truly believe that the reason I woke up was her voice and her presence. I will never be able to pay back what you did for me, Thank you!

By the way: This is how I looked three days after i woke up, you guys don't want to imagine how I looked during coma or on the first day...  and yes, those guys just shaved my head without my permission...

As I already said, it was a crazy time after waking up. Especially because I was in fucking France and I didn't know why and none of those frenchmen spoke english, haha. 
Victoria finally explained everything to me and showed me the video of the crash and then I started to realize what happened. But I was still so far from understanding what big of a deal that whole thing was for so many people, my family, my friends ..
Victoria ended up staying two more nights which was awesome, but she needed to get back to the States in order to train for olympic trials.
It was tough to say goodbye, but it was necessary. The cool thing was that I already made friends with the nurses and doctors in the intensive care station and so we just gave a shit on visiting hours and spent her last night together in my intensive care bed, which was kind of the most illegal thing you can do there :)

During the daytime the doctors and nurses always came checking on me and seemed like they couldn't believe how well I'm already and we were joking around and having fun together. At the same time I figured out a little french and there was also one doctor from Spain with whom I was able to practice some of my Spanish I learned in Central and South America last summer. Finally I realized that the nurses and docs were just super stoked that one of the patients is actually not suffering a big brain damage or ends up with a sheet over his head. I still remember the beeping from the machines there... it's not one of the good memories.

After three more days I was able to leave the Grenoble hospital and they flew me to a hospital in Salzburg, finally I was closer to my family and friends. This was a big day for me, I was really looking forward to get back to Austria and see everybody again. From the first day on a large number of people came to visit, which was super nice and gave me a lot of strength to fight through this and stay positive. 

I was also able to use my phone again and started to realize what happened during I was gone. I saw personal videos, an uncountable number of emails, postcards, facebook messages... Seeing all this helped so much to come back to a normal life, I felt so loved and I'm so grateful for all you guys and all your thoughts. All my sponsors, even the CEO's emailed me, people from around the world, I think this huge amount of love saved me and encouraged me to come back even faster.


Still, it was an unbelievable hard time for me. All the messages and visits for sure helped so much, but this weeks have been the toughest I've ever had. At some point I got super depressed, just wanted to get out of hospital and live a normal life again, walk wherever I want to be, but it just seemed so impossible. I feel super emotional right now when I think about that period and I'm happy I pushed through it. Now I can look back and say that the whole experience made me so much stronger and taught me to appreciate life even more. I'm happy to be alive and more than ready for new adventures.That whole thing is not over at all yet, I still need a lot of therapy and my body needs to recover, but I regained most of my energy and I don't feel like a victim anymore.

This was maybe the biggest step for me, to realize that searching excuses for why I can't do this and that is just the easiest way to live life. But as soon as you decide that you are not a victim anymore a new life starts. With way more strength and greater than you could have ever imagined.

Turbulent times result in growth!

Thank you family, friends, sponsors, doctors and nurses and all you guys who read this, I love you all

Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

Donnerstag, 6. August 2015

One day in Nicaragua.

Yesterday I had quite an adventure. 
I'm in Nica since two weeks now and I'm enjoying this really remote areas on the Pacific Coast a lot. It’s just a lot different from what I experienced in Bali last summer, or at any other spot I've been so far. 
After starting our trip in San Juan Del Sur, which is basically a party village for boozing and coke sniffing Americans, I was happy to enter a different world in Playa Gigante. We found a place called Monkey Hostel, which is built on a big cliff with an awesome view over the ocean. There was not a lot going on there, but we hung out with the owner (which turned out to be one of the best big wave surfers from Nica - Oliver Soliz - check him out) and his cousins and pretty much lived the local life there. Surfing and chilling in the hammocks. Tranquillo!

this girl used to hang out with us during the day
Anyway, we decided it's time to move and the place we wanna check out is Popoyo, which is famous for its fantastic waves. We decided to save 40$ for a cab and started a pretty funny hitchhiking mission. Soon we got picked up by some local pig sellsmen who drove their fucked up car around trying to sell their pigs. They finally dropped us in the middle of nowhere. The second vehicle I tried to stop then was a big black truck and this Canadian guy immediately stopped and gave us a ride. It turned out that he's just building a hotel in an area called Magnific Rock, close to Popoyo. (The name will be Cafe con Leche - check it out - it will be open in a few weeks and this guy is a really cool character)
want some pigs?

We finally arrived in the hostel in which we are staying right now, called Popoyo Beach Hostel. The owner, Frederico, is one of the kindest and nicest guys I've met on this trip so far. I asked him where I can get some money because there is no ATM anywhere around Popoyo and how I can get there. And this brings me to the actual story I want to tell:
Jeffrey, one of Frederico’s friends, offered to lend me his (pretty fucked up) motorbike so I could drive to the next ATM, which was about 15km direction south on a sandy and rocky road. I  was in adventure mode and so I didn’t think a lot about the lack of gas in the motorbike or that I’m just wearing my snapback cap and a boardshort. At least sunglasses would have been a good idea, because every truck passing me caused a sandstorm behind him and I was kind of blind. It turned out that a few cordobas (local currency) would have been helpful too.  Haha

So I started the journey and I realized that the ATM was further away than I thought and that I could run out of gas any time. I luckily found a guy selling gas and after I was able to explain to him (in Spanish) that I don’t have a single cordoba with me but that I really need some gas to get to the cajero Automatico (ATM) He filled a liter or two in my ride and agreed that I should come back later when I have some money so I could pay him.
After ten more minutes I arrived at this big white building in the middle of nowhere and found an A/C cooled room with an ATM inside. YESS!!! OR NO!! Kind of a bummer when both my debit card and credit card, didn’t work. The debit could was just not readable maybe because I had it in my phone case which had a magnet inside. And the credit card, I don’t know... So I had to take a decision. Should I go to the next bigger village and search for an ATM there or should I head back. Would the gas be enough to get to Tola (twenty more min on the motorbike) or even back to Popoyo? I didn’t really think it through but I headed Tola.
I was really happy when I finally saw the village from the distance, but just in that moment the motorbike ran out of gas and I had to roll it into town. The Locals enjoyed this whole situation but they have been really helpful too. Two guys accompanied me to the ATM and it turned out that this ATM doesn’t accept my cards either. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK NO MONEY, NO GAS AND nearly an hour away from my place. And no tourists or anybody around who could get me out of this mess.
So I was hanging out there for a bit till a lady who was watching me all the time told me there is another ATM a bit further down the road and that I should try this one. Luckily my Spanish was already good enough to understand what she was explaining to me.  I finally arrived at this ATM (from a different bank company) And when I finally heard the cash sorting sound I was super happy. I’m safe now. 

this lady helped me out with some gas :)
Got some cash, and found some gas and headed home.
It was already getting dark and my motorbike had no real light in the front so the ride was pretty dangerous but I managed to get back in one piece and even gave a local guy a ride for about 8km which he normally walks everyday.
I told Frederico and Jeffrey what happened and they listened and got really amused. HAHA, that’s a “normal” day in 



Freitag, 17. April 2015

season look back

Even if it already feels like summer time here in Europe, I'd like to give you guys a short look back to what happened the past two month after I came back from India.
After this awesome month in Gulmarg, the crazyness and all the good moments there I planned to do some more competitions in Austria and try to get some good results, which worked out pretty good.
I was still a little disappointed about my Hochfügen result (11th) so I decided to start up a little bit mellow and do kind of a safe run, I achieved a 9th place which was pretty ok for me.
The next weekend the Open-Faces gang went to the 3* FWQ in Axamer Lizum where I ended second last season. My expectations were pretty high and I managed to do a fluid fast run with a backflip in the lower part of the face. Sadly I just missed the podium by 1 point. Ending 4th was not too bad, gave me a lot of confidence and good vibes for next comp in Obergurgl.
Run Axams:

I was super stoked to even get a spot in the last 4* comp together with all these amazing riders.
Desoite the bad visibility and the bad snow conditions I managed to bring down a fast and fluid run, and ended ap 3rd. Super happy about this result.
Here you can watch my run:

After a good after party and a week in Les Deux Alpes with the skiing mag crew I went back to Salzburg to do my last comp of the season on the Kitzsteinhorn. This was a pretty important one too because I had the chance to defend the lead in the Austrian Freeride Series and maybe become Austrian Freeride Master. I did kind of a safe run and ended uo 5th which secured me the win of the series.


Thanks to all the people who supported me, to my family and my sponsors!!! You are awesome!!

Skiing is not over yet though, maybe you hear some more from me soon, ride on :)


Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

Gulmarg part II

In places like this you better be fast learning that you have to remeasure your level of stoke and what your standard of living used to be.

Two days ago I tried to bring some postcards which I bought down in Srinagar to the „post-office“ here in Gulmarg. After a 40 minutes walk and a car hop on we arrived there and it was .. for sure closed. I tried to figure out proper opening hours, but without success. One Indian guy who spoke a little english finally answered me with a bit of sarcasm :“Post office? We have post office?“ and he laughed. Everyday we learn something new about this place and how exposed and different it is.

Anyways, this trip is still one of the best I’ve ever made, including endless learning experiences and getting to know people who I would never have met. Still one week left and more snow in the forecast. Lets have some fun!!

"Home is always waiting, but even if it's not the most ideal at the moment, maybe or most likely we'll never in our lives be back in whatever crazy foreign place we've end up in.“ - thanks for nailing it Victoria.

photos © Peter Moser - artisual

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

en route Gulmarg, India

Welcome to India,
we already arrived in Srinagar 6 days ago, but because of the bad wifi situation up here in Gulmarg this is the first opportunity to post something. I felt like I wanted to share some of my first impressions of this place in the middle of nowhere and show you guys how much of a culture shock we had to deal with the first days.

Some of the first things we recognized were that there is no wifi and no phone connection most of the time. And the worst thing is: no women up here. haha. Gulmarg men make 99% of the population and female ... yeah ... there are none. 
The gondola is just working randomly and you don't get any information about what's going on before heading to the bottom station and asking there. And also the information you get there is not right from time to time. And making some plans is not even worth trying, people here call it India Time, which basically means that nobody cares what time it is and nothing here has proper opening hours.

But yeah, still this is an awesome opportunity and adventure for me so far. We are meeting so many great characters and nearly everybody here is just so relaxed and fullfilled with joy. Seems like I'm getting into the life here more and more and I'm starting to get a part of this microcosmos called Gulmarg.
Everything is covered with snow, monkeys are climbing around, watching us through our room window and we get some of the best food I ever had.
Skiing in a place like this is one of the most exciting things I've discovered so far.

some pictures, enjoy.

packing action

our room - alpine ridge

guides - nice guys

angry monkey

indian transport

walk out of our hotel

rich bich (guide) random indian guy and me

touring up

thanks for stopping over,

Montag, 19. Januar 2015

deep powder

As you maybe noticed, winter has finally arrived in Austria and the snow conditions are not that bad anymore ;) just check out a few resorts and you will find the good stuff!
I already had some awesome powder days and we also did some filming for our upcoming movie project with the "freeriderslife-crew".

But here is a short video of berni, mario and me getting the goods ;)


Beitrag von FreeRidersLife.

Also check out this, haha

Montag, 10. November 2014

back to winter, "Chasing Powder" by el-flamingo

I've been very quiet during the last months, but now it's time to do a short recap of what was going on during summer:

So, summer wasn't too bad haha, but now we are 100% back in winter-mode!
I already catched some good pow hiking up the Nockspitze and for sure we also spent a few days in the park.

here is a short video:

But there is one more thing I'm really proud of: El Flamingos new movie "Chasing Powder".

Maybe some of you remember that I spent some time in a motorhome last season searching for pow in Italy and eastern Tyrol.  So this is the result of one of the best trips I've ever done. Thanks a lot to this awesome crew!!

More information about our trip including an interview with the filmers on

so far, so good. 


Montag, 24. Februar 2014

Contest Kappl 2*

Hey guys,

Yesterday i was competing in Kappl for a 2* FWQ.
When I started my run I knew that I was taking a lot of risk because the first big air was totally blind with no room for any mistakes and the second air looked really different from above in comparison to when I was spotting it from below.

The first two small jumps worked out but I landed my first big air on rocks, got confused and didn't find the entrance to my second cliff. You see it on the video that I was lost in the face not able to keep my speed up. After that I decided to chance my line and do another cliff, hoping that the landing would be good. I'm glad that it worked out.

I really liked my run, but the level was just crazy for a 2*. Concerning that it's ok to get 6th with a mistake like mine. I had a really nice time in Kappl and I have to say thank you to the Open-Faces team for putting on such a great contest and congratulate all my buddies who rocked the Quellspitze.

I'm also leading the Austrian Freeride Series at the moment
stoked ;)

Run: (sorry for bad quali)

run-kappl from Juliano KING on Vimeo.

Now its time for some filming with my buddy Jochen and the elflamingo crew, roadtrip is ooon!! 

Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014


hey guys,

the last ten days were pretty exhausting and filled with mixed feelings about how my approach to freeskiing should be. All started two weeks ago when we packed our car and headed to Engadin, Switzerland for the first 3* FWQ comp. I wasn't feeling that comfortable the day before the comp and even not on the next day. Altough I managed to do a fluid run with some good sized airs in it, I crashed on my last jump after maybe going to big, or just didn't have enough will to stomp it.
What I'm thinking a lot at the moment is how much of a mental thing competition skiing and also how mental filming can be. You have to just know that you want to stomp it and that you want to go fast to make it look nice. Without beeing 100% focused and mentally ready for a line top to bottom the comp or line will usually turn out to be a bust.
Just a few minutes after the pricegiving we left Engadin and drove back to Innsbruck over night, not because we were all sad about our results, but we had to participate at the riders meeting for the 4* Hochfügen competition just 8 hours later.

So after a lack of sleep the next Comp was on.
I really enjoyed the vibe in Hochfügen and the organisation was perfect again, what i maybe missed a little bit in Switzerland...

The comp was on for saturday and the snow was pretty thin especially compared to what we got to ski last year, so I thought of doing a mellow run this time and just bring a clean run through the finish gate.
Yeah, this tactics fell through as an option as soon as I saw the first ten riders ripping it hard before I even hiked to the start. I thought like i should step up my game and do a really sick run with a backflip on a cliff with a blind take off ... and I crashed..
                        Take off                                                                          just before landing

After coming home I had mixed feelings about doing competitions. I know I like it, because I'm a competitve person, but doing just two or three runs on a deep pow day because of a comp and waiting all day long for run to be made can be really annoying.

Thats why i decided to go to East-Tyrol again and do some filming with my buddy Seb Fischer, stay tuned for thee footage.

A few days later we came together in Axamer Lizum for the next 3* competition. It felt a little bit different to do a comp just a few kilometres away from my home but I had a good vibe I and felt like I could bring it down this time and it worked out!

 I did a steep and narrow line on top and a backflip/flatspin in the lower section and ended second, just behind my kiwi friend Neil Williman who is competing on the world tour this season.

So happy with the results and that i finally have my confidence back. Next stop will be a 2* contest in Kappl on the same face as they did the world tour stop a few weeks earlier.

Bericht von den Linehunters !!