Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

BACK on Skis

Hey there,

after spending two weeks waiting for my knee to get well again and having fun at the ISPO, I was finally back on skis to enjoy the pow we got the last weeks.
I had a nice time in Salzburg with my bro's to get rdy for the the next comp.
 Last weekend i went to Hochfügen for my second 4* FWQ. The Contest was postponed to sunday due to bad weather, so we enjoyed to fantastic powderdays and a really nice party ;)

However things didn't run well for me on sunday ... I overshootet my first jump and landed my backflip with a big backslap (means I didn't stomp it clean). After that I missed my second cliff and finally crashed on my last cliff because I hit some rocks  :/

The face was awesome with lots of fresh pow in it, but sadly not in my landing which i marked with a red X in the face picture.

Red line was planned but i did the green one ..

Here is a nice pic from the last cliff:

Despite all I had a nice weekend with all my friends, thanks!!!
And congrats to Raphi who got 2nd and a Wildcard for FWT Event in Fieberbrunn and also to Jochen who stomped two 360s and got 7th !!! Big up !

Now I will spend the next weeks working for our film project,  so stay tuned !!!

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