Sonntag, 17. März 2013


hey there,

after some time in Salzburg skiing just for fun, I was back to IBK for the 3* FWQ Comp in Stubai. The event took place on 23rd of feb, blue-bird but the snow was not really good.

I've chosen a nice line including the biggest feature in the face with a very hard entry. I liked my line very much and I was stoked that I finally stomped a run after crashing in Hochfügen and La Clusaz.

At the pricegiving I was really disappointed by my ranking, I got 11th. Judges told me i did a backslap wich cost me more than 1 point ..
What I learned in Stubai is that the judging has changed a lot since last year as i started competing. Controll and clean landings are now very important judging criteria.
I was thinking about that a while and tried to change my tactics for the 2* Comp in Kappl wich took place this weekend and it finally worked out there.

I got 3rd and even got props by the judges who really liked my run this time.

Here you see that the podium wos really close together and that i should have avoid a small backslap i did which costed my some points for shure.

I had fun competing in Stubai and Kappl and now I`m lookign foward to the next weekend for the 3* event at the Kitzsteinhorn in which i got 6th last year.

Here is a Link to a short recap of Kappl Comp:

I also will post a short POV edit this week so stay tuned.

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