Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013


Hey there,

finally i finished my season Edit !!

I had a really nice season with a good flow, good friends and also good snow conditions. As you maybe know my focus last season was mostly on contest skiing, which didn't run as good as i expected, but I'm stoked that I also found some time for filming on the Dachstein glacier and a mountain called Rötelstein. This was kind of a sick day because i crashed at the end of the line due to tired legs after a 6 hours hike up there and tomahawked through a really rocky section. I was pretty happy that i left the Rötelstein just with broken goggles+helmet and a bad headache on the next day... The footage of the crash is not pretty good so i didn't put it into the edit, but maybe i can upload the pov video on the website someday.

I also did a lot of freestyle tricks this winter and two days of those fantastic days were filmed by Peter Moser and Hias Leinich. Thanks for the great footage guys.

But enough talk, just watch the Video. Like and Share if you want.

I'm so thankful that I'm able to do what i love most! Thanks to my Sponsors and Supporters!!

Freeski Season Julian Zenzmaier from Juliano KING on Vimeo.

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