Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

Winter is ON !!

Hey there,

Its been a while since my last blog-update but I'm finally back on Skis, super stoked about that!!!
It was a really long summer which i mostly spent in the gym, getting my knees ready for the upcoming season and learning some new tricks at the waterramp and at the freestyle academy in Laax. But it wasn't that serious haha, i never would spend a summer without surfing, so i went to Portugal to have a nice time and get my head free too.

Summertime found its end pretty fast and pow came in last week, so i digged out my skis and went to the Stubai-Glacier yesterday. It felt like i never did something else, just a perfect day with awesome people. Thanks for that.

Throwing out backis with Jochen, Dave, Luki and Georg.

I also found some footage of my run in Romania at the 3* FWQ Event in April, you see my first cliff and my last cliff starting at 3:08. I think that hipcheck after the frontflip cost me some points, thats why my result is really bad. 14th place.

At the moment I'm super excited what the season will bring for me. I'm planning to focus on some serious filming action, but i still want to shred the FWQ events in Europe too. Stay tuned for some news.
So far, pray for a good winter with tons of snow and good times.


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