Montag, 24. Februar 2014

Contest Kappl 2*

Hey guys,

Yesterday i was competing in Kappl for a 2* FWQ.
When I started my run I knew that I was taking a lot of risk because the first big air was totally blind with no room for any mistakes and the second air looked really different from above in comparison to when I was spotting it from below.

The first two small jumps worked out but I landed my first big air on rocks, got confused and didn't find the entrance to my second cliff. You see it on the video that I was lost in the face not able to keep my speed up. After that I decided to chance my line and do another cliff, hoping that the landing would be good. I'm glad that it worked out.

I really liked my run, but the level was just crazy for a 2*. Concerning that it's ok to get 6th with a mistake like mine. I had a really nice time in Kappl and I have to say thank you to the Open-Faces team for putting on such a great contest and congratulate all my buddies who rocked the Quellspitze.

I'm also leading the Austrian Freeride Series at the moment
stoked ;)

Run: (sorry for bad quali)

run-kappl from Juliano KING on Vimeo.

Now its time for some filming with my buddy Jochen and the elflamingo crew, roadtrip is ooon!! 

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