Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014


hey guys,

the last ten days were pretty exhausting and filled with mixed feelings about how my approach to freeskiing should be. All started two weeks ago when we packed our car and headed to Engadin, Switzerland for the first 3* FWQ comp. I wasn't feeling that comfortable the day before the comp and even not on the next day. Altough I managed to do a fluid run with some good sized airs in it, I crashed on my last jump after maybe going to big, or just didn't have enough will to stomp it.
What I'm thinking a lot at the moment is how much of a mental thing competition skiing and also how mental filming can be. You have to just know that you want to stomp it and that you want to go fast to make it look nice. Without beeing 100% focused and mentally ready for a line top to bottom the comp or line will usually turn out to be a bust.
Just a few minutes after the pricegiving we left Engadin and drove back to Innsbruck over night, not because we were all sad about our results, but we had to participate at the riders meeting for the 4* Hochfügen competition just 8 hours later.

So after a lack of sleep the next Comp was on.
I really enjoyed the vibe in Hochfügen and the organisation was perfect again, what i maybe missed a little bit in Switzerland...

The comp was on for saturday and the snow was pretty thin especially compared to what we got to ski last year, so I thought of doing a mellow run this time and just bring a clean run through the finish gate.
Yeah, this tactics fell through as an option as soon as I saw the first ten riders ripping it hard before I even hiked to the start. I thought like i should step up my game and do a really sick run with a backflip on a cliff with a blind take off ... and I crashed..
                        Take off                                                                          just before landing

After coming home I had mixed feelings about doing competitions. I know I like it, because I'm a competitve person, but doing just two or three runs on a deep pow day because of a comp and waiting all day long for run to be made can be really annoying.

Thats why i decided to go to East-Tyrol again and do some filming with my buddy Seb Fischer, stay tuned for thee footage.

A few days later we came together in Axamer Lizum for the next 3* competition. It felt a little bit different to do a comp just a few kilometres away from my home but I had a good vibe I and felt like I could bring it down this time and it worked out!

 I did a steep and narrow line on top and a backflip/flatspin in the lower section and ended second, just behind my kiwi friend Neil Williman who is competing on the world tour this season.

So happy with the results and that i finally have my confidence back. Next stop will be a 2* contest in Kappl on the same face as they did the world tour stop a few weeks earlier.

Bericht von den Linehunters !!


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