Montag, 10. November 2014

back to winter, "Chasing Powder" by el-flamingo

I've been very quiet during the last months, but now it's time to do a short recap of what was going on during summer:

So, summer wasn't too bad haha, but now we are 100% back in winter-mode!
I already catched some good pow hiking up the Nockspitze and for sure we also spent a few days in the park.

here is a short video:

But there is one more thing I'm really proud of: El Flamingos new movie "Chasing Powder".

Maybe some of you remember that I spent some time in a motorhome last season searching for pow in Italy and eastern Tyrol.  So this is the result of one of the best trips I've ever done. Thanks a lot to this awesome crew!!

More information about our trip including an interview with the filmers on

so far, so good. 


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  1. Toll! Danke. Sie haben mir eine gute Idee gegeben. Jetzt will ich das auch unbedingt machen. Habe gerade viel Zeit frei weil mein Business viel erfolgreicher mit Datenraum geworden ist.