Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

en route Gulmarg, India

Welcome to India,
we already arrived in Srinagar 6 days ago, but because of the bad wifi situation up here in Gulmarg this is the first opportunity to post something. I felt like I wanted to share some of my first impressions of this place in the middle of nowhere and show you guys how much of a culture shock we had to deal with the first days.

Some of the first things we recognized were that there is no wifi and no phone connection most of the time. And the worst thing is: no women up here. haha. Gulmarg men make 99% of the population and female ... yeah ... there are none. 
The gondola is just working randomly and you don't get any information about what's going on before heading to the bottom station and asking there. And also the information you get there is not right from time to time. And making some plans is not even worth trying, people here call it India Time, which basically means that nobody cares what time it is and nothing here has proper opening hours.

But yeah, still this is an awesome opportunity and adventure for me so far. We are meeting so many great characters and nearly everybody here is just so relaxed and fullfilled with joy. Seems like I'm getting into the life here more and more and I'm starting to get a part of this microcosmos called Gulmarg.
Everything is covered with snow, monkeys are climbing around, watching us through our room window and we get some of the best food I ever had.
Skiing in a place like this is one of the most exciting things I've discovered so far.

some pictures, enjoy.

packing action

our room - alpine ridge

guides - nice guys

angry monkey

indian transport

walk out of our hotel

rich bich (guide) random indian guy and me

touring up

thanks for stopping over,

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  1. Klasse, Ich liebe snowboarden und Skifahren! Mein Vater hat mich gelehrt, Ich habe im Alter von 10 Jahren Skifahren angefangen und von diesem Moment an wurde es mein Lieblings-Winterhobby. Ich liebe Schnee und war vor kurzem auf einer Expedition in Island. Natürlich ist dieser Kontinent ganz anders als Europa, aber auch sehr interessant und malerisch! Ich habe dank dieser erstaunlichen Service Nordpol Reise der Menschen hilft, um sie Träume wahr werden.