Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

Gulmarg part II

In places like this you better be fast learning that you have to remeasure your level of stoke and what your standard of living used to be.

Two days ago I tried to bring some postcards which I bought down in Srinagar to the „post-office“ here in Gulmarg. After a 40 minutes walk and a car hop on we arrived there and it was .. for sure closed. I tried to figure out proper opening hours, but without success. One Indian guy who spoke a little english finally answered me with a bit of sarcasm :“Post office? We have post office?“ and he laughed. Everyday we learn something new about this place and how exposed and different it is.

Anyways, this trip is still one of the best I’ve ever made, including endless learning experiences and getting to know people who I would never have met. Still one week left and more snow in the forecast. Lets have some fun!!

"Home is always waiting, but even if it's not the most ideal at the moment, maybe or most likely we'll never in our lives be back in whatever crazy foreign place we've end up in.“ - thanks for nailing it Victoria.

photos © Peter Moser - artisual

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