Donnerstag, 6. August 2015

One day in Nicaragua.

Yesterday I had quite an adventure. 
I'm in Nica since two weeks now and I'm enjoying this really remote areas on the Pacific Coast a lot. It’s just a lot different from what I experienced in Bali last summer, or at any other spot I've been so far. 
After starting our trip in San Juan Del Sur, which is basically a party village for boozing and coke sniffing Americans, I was happy to enter a different world in Playa Gigante. We found a place called Monkey Hostel, which is built on a big cliff with an awesome view over the ocean. There was not a lot going on there, but we hung out with the owner (which turned out to be one of the best big wave surfers from Nica - Oliver Soliz - check him out) and his cousins and pretty much lived the local life there. Surfing and chilling in the hammocks. Tranquillo!

this girl used to hang out with us during the day
Anyway, we decided it's time to move and the place we wanna check out is Popoyo, which is famous for its fantastic waves. We decided to save 40$ for a cab and started a pretty funny hitchhiking mission. Soon we got picked up by some local pig sellsmen who drove their fucked up car around trying to sell their pigs. They finally dropped us in the middle of nowhere. The second vehicle I tried to stop then was a big black truck and this Canadian guy immediately stopped and gave us a ride. It turned out that he's just building a hotel in an area called Magnific Rock, close to Popoyo. (The name will be Cafe con Leche - check it out - it will be open in a few weeks and this guy is a really cool character)
want some pigs?

We finally arrived in the hostel in which we are staying right now, called Popoyo Beach Hostel. The owner, Frederico, is one of the kindest and nicest guys I've met on this trip so far. I asked him where I can get some money because there is no ATM anywhere around Popoyo and how I can get there. And this brings me to the actual story I want to tell:
Jeffrey, one of Frederico’s friends, offered to lend me his (pretty fucked up) motorbike so I could drive to the next ATM, which was about 15km direction south on a sandy and rocky road. I  was in adventure mode and so I didn’t think a lot about the lack of gas in the motorbike or that I’m just wearing my snapback cap and a boardshort. At least sunglasses would have been a good idea, because every truck passing me caused a sandstorm behind him and I was kind of blind. It turned out that a few cordobas (local currency) would have been helpful too.  Haha

So I started the journey and I realized that the ATM was further away than I thought and that I could run out of gas any time. I luckily found a guy selling gas and after I was able to explain to him (in Spanish) that I don’t have a single cordoba with me but that I really need some gas to get to the cajero Automatico (ATM) He filled a liter or two in my ride and agreed that I should come back later when I have some money so I could pay him.
After ten more minutes I arrived at this big white building in the middle of nowhere and found an A/C cooled room with an ATM inside. YESS!!! OR NO!! Kind of a bummer when both my debit card and credit card, didn’t work. The debit could was just not readable maybe because I had it in my phone case which had a magnet inside. And the credit card, I don’t know... So I had to take a decision. Should I go to the next bigger village and search for an ATM there or should I head back. Would the gas be enough to get to Tola (twenty more min on the motorbike) or even back to Popoyo? I didn’t really think it through but I headed Tola.
I was really happy when I finally saw the village from the distance, but just in that moment the motorbike ran out of gas and I had to roll it into town. The Locals enjoyed this whole situation but they have been really helpful too. Two guys accompanied me to the ATM and it turned out that this ATM doesn’t accept my cards either. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK NO MONEY, NO GAS AND nearly an hour away from my place. And no tourists or anybody around who could get me out of this mess.
So I was hanging out there for a bit till a lady who was watching me all the time told me there is another ATM a bit further down the road and that I should try this one. Luckily my Spanish was already good enough to understand what she was explaining to me.  I finally arrived at this ATM (from a different bank company) And when I finally heard the cash sorting sound I was super happy. I’m safe now. 

this lady helped me out with some gas :)
Got some cash, and found some gas and headed home.
It was already getting dark and my motorbike had no real light in the front so the ride was pretty dangerous but I managed to get back in one piece and even gave a local guy a ride for about 8km which he normally walks everyday.
I told Frederico and Jeffrey what happened and they listened and got really amused. HAHA, that’s a “normal” day in 



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