Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

music is life

As some of you maybe noticed already I spent quite some time playing reggae and dancehall music together with the mad Innfaya sound/dj’s the past couple of months. Music was always a big part of my life, mainly because it connects people and transports a lot of emotions. Especially after I started playing bass in my first band eight years back, I began to realize what music means to me.  No matter if on a stage or just singing out lout alone in my car while driving, it always accompanies me.
“one good thing about music, when it hits you you feel no pain”

So it was kind of a natural evolution that I started to play music on some parties. At the beginning mostly on events in the ski scene, because as a Skier myself I already had a lot of connections. Then, at ISPO 2016 I asked a friend from Innsbruck, Josh (Innfaya Sound) if he wants to join me in Munich and DJ at the ISPO after party. He was in straight away and we had a really good time playing music together.

The following week I had my accident in France.

Two and a half months later I was able to leave the hospital and move back to Innsbruck. I was still in pretty bad shape and in a wheelchair, but I felt pretty strong again and my flat mates said they would help me with my daily tasks and so my dream of moving back to Innsbruck finally became reality. Thanks buddies!!
After one week I started to walk on crutches again, but I was still pretty weak and my arms could barely carry my weight. Nevertheless, this could not stop me from having a good time and Josh was hosting a reggae party in the aftershave a few days later. He asked me how I feel and if I want to join. “fuck yeah” haha
So around midnight that day, we left Josh’s flat and I strapped the crutches on my bike. I could already kind of ride a bike, because I just needed the tip of my feet and it did not really hurt my broken heel. But of course crashing was not an option, also because my shoulder/collarbone surgery. Oh man, haha, that was pretty skatchy…
When the first people entered the aftershave I spotted some of my best buddies from Innsbruck. Oh man, after being away for so long, just seeing these people again made me so fucking happy. I just played twenty to thirty minutes, mainly because I was not really able to stand and my head started to spin after a while, but for me it felt like heaven. I’m back at it! Slowly but surly!
After that Josh and Spragga (our MC) played a sick set and when they dedicated the song: “solid as rock – by Vershon” (listen!!) to me, I almost had tears in my eyes. Thanks so much guys for making all this possible.

Josh, Spragga and me 

So I stayed in that club till 2:30am with crutches and only one shoe, because my other foot was still too fucked up to wear shoes. This was not a real problem until I wanted to bike home and it started to rain heavily and the temperatures dropped rapidly. I got soaking wet and I was freezing, but the rain couldn’t vanish that big smile of my face.
The most important aspect of that music thing is, that it showed me how many different paths I can still walk on, even if it turns out that my body won't allow me to ski anymore.
Back then it gave me strength and helped me believe in myself and my abilities. There is always a way, we just have to continue working hard towards our goals and have a good time.
I for sure want to get back on my skis, but finding this passion for playing music again and putting a lot of energy into it feels pretty damn good right now.

Special THANK YOU to the Innfaya Crew for all the support and your friendship: Manfred, Reiner, Josh, Spragga, Sebastian, Linda (Miss Weirdy), also Dani and Michi for making the ISPO show happen and all the others who supported me along the way!

The past two-three weeks I travelled together with Josh and friends through Czech Republic and the SMS-festival in eastern Germany to do some shows there. What a great time, good vibes only! After that we went straight to Benicasim (near Valencia) to spend a few days at Europeans biggest reggae festival – the “Rototom Sunsplash”. We didn’t have a show there, but we brought speakers and dj equipment, so we for sure hosted some wild camping shows.  

Right now we are in Galicia and I'm about to surf my first waves since my accident. So excited, 

Love music 


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