Dienstag, 27. September 2016

The future is to be present

Hey guys,

as some of you might know already out of the social media platforms, I finally made it to Lisbon to do an erasmus semester on physical education there. The five week long road-trip to get here was a wonderful adventure with so many beautiful moments and experiences of all kind. We shared what was around, smiled and simply enjoyed life together. The people changed from time to time, but the vibe stayed the same.

I randomly found a book called "the complete idiot's guide to Buddhism" in my van at the beginning of our trip and this book startet to become one of my best companions. One of the many important things Buddhism thought me so far is, to not think of us as separated individuals anymore, but of something bigger, something that is way more connected than we can even imagine. 
The other day we were having dinner in a side street in front of an illegal vegetarian “restaurant” (you get a cheap meal there but you have to wash your dishes by yourself aswell) and we somehow came up with the metaphor of us (humans, animals, plants...) being something like a hairbrush and each of us is one little bristle. If somebody brushes his hair the bristles bend in the same direction and some also break from time to time, most important: all the bristles are linked. Even more the saying “every action causes a reaction” makes sense now and it strengthens my belief in THAT bigger plan the universe got for all of us. Be good to the world and all it’s inhabitants and you shall receive the same kind of treatment.

As I often catch myself being kind of worried about what the future might bring, these thoughts are giving me a lot of hold at the moment. Almost everybody has these feelings from time to time I guess, but we shouldn’t. The only way how we can actually change our life for the better is to be deeply present and enjoying the moment anyways. Step by step! We wont reach our goals by always worrying about the future and what we will do in ten years, we can just live as happy as we can be and be the best possible version of ourselves day by day.
Personally I have to admit that sometimes staying positive is not the easiest thing to do, I KNOW! We (and I count myself in for sure) make everything always look so easy and smooth on all the social media, but sometimes it’s hard to continually see the bright side of life. But happiness is, and I always have to tell myself that fact on and on again, NOT something that happens to you, but something you decide to be.

So... I can surf again, most days at least and I’m super grateful for that opportunity. If you would have told my doctors half a year back that I will surf this summer, they would have just laughed and walked away. But it’s fucking happening.
But still, my foot is far from good, some days I have troubles walking and to deal with a lot of pain. Another big limiting factor is my head and I guess all my body functions. It seems like I need way more time to recover from exercise and so on. Sometimes I have a lot of pressure on my head and then I can’t really hear on my left ear. I guess that’s a stress reaction or something like that. So right now I’m far from being fit, but I do my best to stay positive and believe in my abilities. And that's all I can do right now. There is always a decision between just being happy with what you have and the situation you are in and on the other side complaining and either thinking about the past or the future. The thing is, that neither nostalgia nor all worries about the future will help you to improve the situation you are in.

The reason why I thought about writing about this topic is, that of course a lot of people ask me what I do and what my life is all about and I have troubles finding an answer to this question. Often I get asked if I will ski again, but that question just has no value for me right now. I can’t ski NOW, and NOW is what I want to deal with and spend my time with! Sometimes it feels like I lost what I tried to build up over the past five years, but that’s not true. It’s just one stop on this big journey and it’s a hell of a ride. My accident fore sure broke up all the structures and plans that I had set up so far, but that only means that I have a lot more space to build new things now. I like to compare it with a cup of coffee which was quite full before something emptied most of it and now there is a lot of space for some fresh coffee.

Here is a little phone video from my first day back on a surfboard. The wave was small and my style is, NOSTYLE, haha. But it was one of the best moments since a while, as you can see at the end of the video :)

Writing in this blog from time to time sharing my feelings and thoughts is a big help for me to process what happened and I hope some of you also can get something positive out of it, that’s the one and only reason why I will keep on hammering in my keyboard.

Love you all,


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