Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2017

First days back on skis

Landing in Munich a few days ago was a crazy experience for me. I already heard that it started to snow a lot, but seeing the airport covered in white made my heart beat faster. The only thing left on my mind was that I gotta get my stuff together, call my buddies and go for a ride. And that’s exactly what happened just a day later.  
I didn’t plan to much, but in the end everything just happened like it got scripted. Having some really close friends with me on my first day back on skis gave me a lot of confidence and I felt comfortable. What made this day even more special to me was, that I was accompanied by just those two friends of mine who brought me into freeriding in the first place. Eva Walkner and Sebastian Fischer, both awesome skiers and humans, changed my life back then. The passion and the vibe in addition to the feeling of freedom was contagious and soon later I got my first pair of freeride skis from Eva and Bastl took me to my first freeride competition.

Just yesterday I was lucky enough to head out with Eva and Sebastian again to do a little hike and ski some fresh powder. I still have to keep it really easy at the moment and my legs are far from being strong already, but enjoying this run made clear to me that I don’t have a hurry. I can ski, I’m grateful for that, everything else time will tell.


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