My name is Julian Zenzmaier, I’m a 26 year old Austrian devoted to a fun and meaningful life. In February 2016 I had a very bad crash during a freeride-ski competition in Les Arces, France. The result was a polytrauma including a bad head/brain injury, several broken rips and a punctured lunge, a broken heel and a broken collarbone. The doctors had to keep me in an induced coma for more than three weeks, till I finally woke up and started a new life.
The way was and is still incredibly hard and challenging, but considering what I learned about myself during this process, I would never claim that I regret anything. It’s more like the other way around, I’m thankful for this lesson and for still being here.

Life is a journey and most importantly I learned that it’s not about arriving but about being. Being right here now, enjoying life to the fullest with all the beautiful people I meet along the way.